Grid Connection

Eluminate stands as your trusted partner, providing a comprehensive suite of services to simplify and streamline grid connection processes; for energy producers, grid companies, and other industry stakeholders.

Management of Grid Connections

We’re your partners in seamless end-to-end processes to connect facilities to the low, medium, and high voltage grid. Factories, hospitals, and ports have already experienced the electrifying difference with us.

We guide the efficient connection of wind farms, ensuring a smooth transition from renewable energy generation to grid integration and we can help you to manage the process or solar parks, including parametrization and testing.

Consulting and Supervision for Charging Infrastructure

Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of electric charging systems. We provide expert guidance and supervision for charging infrastructure across various areas such as:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Larger facilities for passenger cars
  • Battery trains

Eluminate isn’t just about keeping you in the fast lane; we’re your pit crew to guide through better-suited BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems).

Consulting of Electrical Installations

We will ensure the reliability and efficiency of your electrical installations and services for a range of components in the medium and high voltage range. Our service include:
  • Verification of electrical installations with low, medium, high voltages applications
  • Specification of requirements for electrical installations. We’ve got you covered!

Eluminate Academy on Electrical Installations

Power up your team with Eluminate Academy – where potential meets performance! Dive deep into the design, operation, and maintenance of electrical systems and installations. Delve into the intricate world of electrical equipment with a focus on safety and efficiency.